Contextual advertising is a kind of advertising when announcements or slogans appear depending on certain search inquiry, on pages of such search engines, as: Yandex, Google,, and on different thematic pages. Contextual advertising usually contains special information about offers, discounts, new goods or services and definitely approaches those clients, who need to increase sales level or a number of potential clients in maximum short period of time.

Contextual advertising possesses lots of advantages. Here are some of them:

- It has particular target audience, because it appears on pages of search engines or thematic sites depending on client’s request. It allows to involve those clients, who are already interested in your goods or services;

- Contextual advertising provides high conversion of potential clients in real ones;

- Display of announcements is absolutely free, you pay only for transition of potential clients to the advertised site;

- Possibility of advertisement’s displaying to users of particular region you need.

Does it sound invitingly?

We offer you selection of an optimum advertising campaign, which will be valid to work! Moreover, during the process of cooperation we carry out a detailed analytics of the received results, if necessary we correct advertisements or keywords, and, of course, we give you the most detailed reports on the work that has been done.